Welcome to Eastern Smooth, the home of my wetshaving and straightshaving blog, as well as the Japanese Hone Vocabulary and the original English translation of Kousuke Iwasaki's "Honing Razors and Wakamisori". The links above will direct you to where you want to go. Thanks for reading, and happy shaving!

23 Jan

It has, indeed, been a long time.

Things change quickly, life moves on, but here it still is.

21 Jan

And yet it moves

Here I am, again, after pretty much the whole winter away. Did you miss me? Not too terribly, I hope.

07 Oct

Feather All Stainless DE for sale

I have an unused Feather Stainless DE, in the box etc. I have two, don't need this one, and I'd be happy to see it used. I'm asking $180 shipped anywhere in the world. Email me at the contact link at the top of this page if you're interested.

07 Oct

Fall Musings

The weather is turning. The mornings are cool, and the air has started to dry out. The air is heavy with the smoke of burning rice stalks and ripening pears. My mind turns toward the darkening of the year, and I find that my rituals bend to match.

04 Sep

The Cure for "AD"s

Perhaps the least attractive aspect of this wetshaving world is the near constant encouragement to get things. Razors, brushes, all of the gear associated with this hobby (if that is what it truly is) all have their own "Acquisition Disorder" (or AD). RAD, SAD, BAD, all stand for one thing: the measurement of fun in terms of how much stuff you get.

I myself was a quick study, and severe sufferer, of ADs of all shape and size. Razors both safe and not, soaps, and above all stones all served to feed the "passion" I felt about my newfound hobby.

It's all over now.


17 Aug

Finally, Something to Say about the Artist Club RG

Like a phoenix rising from its own ashes, I am back with something to talk about. After a good two months of near exclusive use of the Feather Artist Club RG, I have a definite opinion about the thing, though I'm not on the whole sure whether or not it's a good or bad one.

27 Jun

Yasuki Blade Festival, 2012

I've been so very remiss. I had completely forgotten to write about my May trip to the annual Yasugi Blade Festival...how silly of me! I did go, and not only did I see lots of knives, and get very cold and rained-upon, I also met Alex Gilmore and his lovely wife, of The Japan Blade.

12 Jun

Simple Pleasures

It's Tsuyu, the rainy season, here in Japan. The days are humid and dark, and drizzling rain does come and go. It's typically a nasty time of year, though this year is actually pleasantly cool. Be that as it may, it's this time of year that I tend to take more refuge in my calming daily rituals: like shaving.

19 May

I'm Still Alive

Despite the quit around here, I've not died, nor have I given up on my blog or the various hobbies feeding it. I've just not been...doing much.

13 Apr

Understanding Limits

For whatever reason, a lot of people come to me with questions about the topics I discuss here, namely razors and stones. In particular, I get a lot of specific requests in regards to identifying Japanese hones. I am by nature a person who likes to help whenever I can, so I don't really like to say no. However, it is important to recognize the limits of what I can do.

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