Maboroshi – Tasting

Maboroshi Junmai Ginjo from Hiroshima’s Nakao Jozo

Maboroshi, meaning “Illusion, phantom” is a junmai ginjo made with Hiroshima’s Hattan Nishiki rice milled to 55%.

I like that this is a local sake made with a local strain of rice, much like Saito ni Shizuku made Yamaguchi sakes. It appeals to my sense of symmetry, and I know when I go to Okayama I’ll be looking for Omachi sake, as well…I guess I’m peculiar that way?

Anyway. This is a junmai that grew on me. The uwadachika aroma on opening was mild, with gentle notes of rice and banana. In the mouth, the rice was more pronounced, with a clean, mildly nutty sweetness that would go well with pretty much any meal.

The aftertaste was mildly astringent, with a bit of alcohol spiciness as well.

It didn’t linger at all, much as the name implies, and this sake overall is extremely drinkable. I kind of wish I’d bought a 720ml bottle instead of the 300ml, but I know were to get more.

Definitely recommended for almost any occasion where the idea is not to force focus on the sake (it’s a bit too low-key for that).


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