Welcome to Eastern Smooth, the home of my wetshaving and straightshaving blog, as well as the Japanese Hone Vocabulary and the original English translation of Kousuke Iwasaki's "Honing Razors and Wakamisori". The links above will direct you to where you want to go. Thanks for reading, and happy shaving!

MBG Shave Soap First Impression Review

A Japanese shaving soap...in powder form. Unusual, but how was the inaugural shave? Better than I imagined, not as good as I'd hoped.

12 Oct

The Smoothness Spreads!

in Blogging, Cooperation, Friendship is Magic

After a few years of doing my own thing, I've joined some other bloggers on a very exciting new site.

04 Oct

Review: Kimson Brush Callback

in Badger, Brush, Kimson, Reviews

A couple of years ago, I was sent a horn handled silvertip badger brush by relative newcomer brushmaker Kimson Vu. Recently he sent me another, and I thought I'd share some thoughts.

What are the dimensions of the 7000 strop

in Etc.

The 70000 strop is 60cm long by 6.6cm wide.

23 Sep

No Razors, Just Good Craftsmanship

in Blacksmithing, Craftsmen, Fukuoka, Hakata, Houchou, Japan, Knives, Shoukunin, Tradition

A nearby blacksmith makes some fantastic knives and preserves a tradtion in the middle of the big city.

13 Sep

The 102nd Way to Skin a Cat (Kamisori Honing again)

in A Little Help from my Friends, Honing, Kamisori

An old school barber shows another way to hone a Kamisori.

How do I strop an assymetrical Kamisori? Thanks

in Kamisori

Kataha, or asymmetrical, kamisori can be stropped as normal.

04 Sep

Care and Feeding of a Kamisori: Redux

in Hollow, Kamisori, Omote, Sen, Ura

I earlier told you about using a "Sen" to open up the hollow on the Omote of a well-used Kamisori. Sometimes, that really isn't enough.

Introducing the "Kanayama Signature Series"

Naomi Yoshimasa-san has been making strops for 60 odd years, but always under other names. Kanayama was started by a cousin, and has long been a supplier for resellers, so the strops made by his hands have been labelled with the names of others: "Pelican," "Everest," "Crown," but never Naomi Yoshimasa...until now.

28 Aug

An Object Lesson In Japanese Hones

in Hones, Kiita, Kusunoki, Takashima, Tennen, Toishi, Whetstones

It is often said, when buying a natural hone in Japan, your best tool is a trusted seller. Sometimes, even that is not enough.

I was recently given a lovely gift, a beautiful Kiita? hone. The giver told me that he had got it from an old supplier of professional tools, including barber's tools, and that this stone had been in his storehouse for decades. It was especially for razors, so he thought it would be a good present for me.

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