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08 Jan

A Custom for Me

in Custom Razor

I am not, in general, strongly into custom razors. I have no doubts about their quality or such, but usually the aesthetics don't appeal. However, whenever I saw one of Charlie Lewis' (a.k.a. Spazola) razors posted online, the appeal could not be denied. I find his work balanced finely between primitive and sophisticated, organic and deliberate.

And with every post I saw, I found myself ever more desirous, until I could resist no more and I requested one.

06 Jan

Kanayama Signature Series Available Now

in Kanayama Strops

All signature series strops are available in the shop now.

Beginning this weekend, we will be making the Kanayama Signature series, including the limited edition 85000 and 95000, available again. We are very sorry for any inconvenience the suspension might have caused, and are grateful for your understanding.

30 Dec

I'm Still Here

After nearly a month away, the smoke is clearing and I emerge more or less unscathed.

A Very Important Announcement


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are sorry to announce that for the foreseeable future all sales of Kanayama strops must be suspended. If you have already placed an order, it will be filled.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you for your understanding.

30 Nov

Suji Update: All's Well the End's Well

in Nakayama, Suji, tennnen toishi, toishi

A fortuitous recollection leads me to recovering the infamous stone from a previous post.

A Very Special Announcement From Kanayama

Each year, Kanayama tries to find something special to do at the end of the year; usually it's a Christmas/Winter sale. This year, however, we have something very special coming on November 21st, 2011.

Letter from Kanayama

The Signature Series 95000

Hishakaku Folding Kamisori

in Kamisori

Hi Jim,

please help me what does this sentence:

The anti-rust insert indicates they are made from Japanese Hitachi steel.



13 Nov

An Object Lesson in Japanese Hones: Part II

in Suji

You may be wondering how I learned some of the things I wrote in my recent guide to buying Japanese hones. I can tell you, some of it was the hard way. Come, listen to one of my stories so you don't make the same mistakes I did.

06 Nov

It Comes to Something

It started with wetshaving. It grew and changed and evolved...and now its become so much more. Knives, razors, scissors...stone, wood, steel. I wonder, sometimes, what good it does anyone but me.

24 Oct

Buying a Japanese Hone: A Guide for Beginners

in DIY, Fundamentals, Guide, Hone, Kyoto, Tennen, Toishi, Whetstone

Natural Japanese Whetstones, or "Ten-nen Toishi?," have gained a reputation as being among, if not the, best whetstones in the world for blades of all sorts. In recentyears, they have become particularly sought after by straight razor users all around the world. However, along that that growth in popularity has come confusion and frustration at the variety of names and colors and everything associated with them. 

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