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10 Apr

Unexpected consequences

It has been weird around here for me. I'm not sure what has happened, but it's different.

No more strops, no more razors.

Despite my best efforts, we were unable to come to an acceptable arrangement with Kanayama and will not be restarting sales. In addition, we have decided to stop selling the NOS razors from Kanayama as well.

10 Mar

Takamitou Razors Revisited

A long time ago, originally on a blog not too diffrent from this one, I talked about a new kamisori/razor maker in Japan. He's still around, and I recently was tasked with seeing how his razors have progressed. I'm afraid, though, I have no good news.

06 Mar

Thank You For Your Advice!

I've read your emails and comments, thank you all very much. We're working on a solution that is livable for everyone involved.

28 Feb

Asking For Some Advice

I know it's kind of odd to do this, but I'm at a loss as to what to do in my current situation, and as it is quite relevant to my readers, I thought Id ask what you all think I should do.

21 Feb

Hone Testing Video

in Hone, Kiita, Kyoto, Test, Toishi, Video, Whetstone

I made a video demonstrating how I test hones when I visit a hone dealer.

18 Feb

Some Rocky Eye Candy

I just got back from another trip to Kyoto and I saw a couple of things you might like...

04 Feb

To Soak or Not to Soak

I know, in a coldly intellectual way, that wading into any kind of internet “discussion” (read: argument) is pointless. Not only does it never end in convincing anyone, the stakes are so low that the energy is totally wasted. That being said, the position I have found myself in leads people to ask me my position on any number of contentions issues regarding Japanese razors and stones. And so here I am, preemptively striking as it were, on the issue of soaking stones.

We Have Stopped Selling Kanayama Strops

As of today, we have decided to stop selling Kanayama strops entirely.

09 Jan

Raising funds

Everything is sold. Thanks!

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