The Iron Fist of Straight Shaving

23 Jan

It has, indeed, been a long time.

Things change quickly, life moves on, but here it still is.

07 Oct

Feather All Stainless DE for sale

I have an unused Feather Stainless DE, in the box etc. I have two, don't need this one, and I'd be happy to see it used. I'm asking $180 shipped anywhere in the world. Email me at the contact link at the top of this page if you're interested.

07 Oct

Fall Musings

The weather is turning. The mornings are cool, and the air has started to dry out. The air is heavy with the smoke of burning rice stalks and ripening pears. My mind turns toward the darkening of the year, and I find that my rituals bend to match.

06 Mar

Thank You For Your Advice!

I've read your emails and comments, thank you all very much. We're working on a solution that is livable for everyone involved.

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