And yet it moves

21 Jan

Here I am, again, after pretty much the whole winter away. Did you miss me? Not too terribly, I hope.

The time since I last posted has seen a lot of things happen, the biggest of which you might have heard if you follow me on twitter or G+. On Novermber 19th, 2012, my fisr son Satoru William Rion was born. Since then, he's become pretty much the center of every waking hour. I couldn't be happier, but some of the peripheral parts of my life have fallen by the wayside, it seems.

This blog has, for some time now, been suffering a loss of impetus. The arc of my wetshaving journey has seemingly reached its end. Now, I shave of course, but it is no longer the kind of hobbified experience it once was. I have my brush (a Kim Son silvertip badger) my shaving cream (Body Shop Macca Root) and a razor, usually my Grandfather's Gillette Tech or a Japanese straight or Kamisori, and that's it. I don't wax rhapsodic about the ritual, or the tradition, because I have to get back to holding my boy.

Which brings me to why I'm even here at all. I have become a father. What's more, I'm a father to a son: and that means I have to think about this stuff for someone besides just myself. I may or may not have mentioned it here, but my own father was not big on teaching me stuff. He wanted me to go with him and do stuff, yes, but instead of teaching he just expected me to be like him, and was frustrated when I wasn't. So I never learned to shave: he just said go shave. I never learned to fix a car: he just said fix your car. I am not going to be that kind of father; I am going to help my son become the best man he can be. But what is that? How do you do that?

What am I going to do with this kid?

So maybe that's what this is going to be from now on. Me trying to understand the kind of man I want my son, and me, to be. Shaving will be a part of that, as will an appreciation for making things with your own hands. And honesty, and reliability, and kindness and empathy and...more. I guess.

But yeah, let's start with taking the time to get a good shave.



on little Satoru William, even if a bit late. That you may teach him many things, noble and useful, big and small.

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