Simple Pleasures

12 Jun

It's Tsuyu, the rainy season, here in Japan. The days are humid and dark, and drizzling rain does come and go. It's typically a nasty time of year, though this year is actually pleasantly cool. Be that as it may, it's this time of year that I tend to take more refuge in my calming daily rituals: like shaving.

In recent weeks, I have refined and simplified things, and these days I seem to have settled on a routine. Every day I turn to my old friends: My Semogue LE boar brush, an Irisch Moos stick, and my Iwasaki Tamahagani folding straight. And every day I shave, I find such simple joy in the easy comfort of the combination.

I find a small amount of guilt in the piled up stones that see no use, the lonely razors oiled and wrapped and stored away, and of course the tubes, tubs and pucks that go untouched. But so it goes.

It could be worse.

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