It has, indeed, been a long time.

23 Jan

Things change quickly, life moves on, but here it still is.

It has indeed been a year (A YEAR!) since I posted last. I'd like to say that that intervening year has held so much for this site, but it hasn't. Mys on has grown, I've bought a house and moved in, but in terms of the basic thrust of this site, not much has happened. I'm still a wetshaver, I still (rarely) hone my razors and use them, but so much else is there now, watching my boy learn and grow is THE center of my life. It seems almost silly to worry about stones and steel and leather so much now.

But at the same time, I am proud of what I did here. I think I did some good work and every once in a while people do email me to let me know they found the site and it has been good for them. That is a very nice feeling.

So the site lives on, mostly without me. I'll pop up now and again to see if there's something that needs saying, I guess, but don't hold your breath. other thing. Comments and contact. The spam is dreadful. Out of control. I get dozens of spam messages a day, and perhaps one or two legitimate mails a week. So I'm changing the contact to "Verified users only," which means most people can't email me. If you ARE a person, and you want to contact me, try my twitter @EasternSmooth or you can try to get past the spam filter by emailing me at jim (at) easternsmooth (dot) com, taking out the spaces and replacing the words with the appropriate marks. I know it's a pain but good lord, the spam is unbearable.

Thanks for reading!


Jim Rion

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