Fall Musings

07 Oct

The weather is turning. The mornings are cool, and the air has started to dry out. The air is heavy with the smoke of burning rice stalks and ripening pears. My mind turns toward the darkening of the year, and I find that my rituals bend to match.

I am moving from my recent focus on creams and light scents, to soaps and spicy scents. Mitchell's Woolfat and Irisch Moos are my shaves of choice, with fewer gaps filled by Truefitt and Hill cream, and my post-shave ritual is all about Valcan skin cream...warm, nourishing and spicy, like the best Autumn food.

In other words, things move and change as they always do.

Oh, and my son is due next month...what a world we do live in.



Jim, I didn't know your were

Jim, I didn't know your were going to soon be a dad!


I have a dad three times over and can tell you that they are work more than life itself.

All the best.



Thank you, Senpai!


Thanks for your congratulations, and your thoughts! Yes, it's already made things very different around here and he's still a month away. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when he's actually here getting into all sorts of trouble.



I'm nine days late, but

I'm nine days late, but hopefully not a dollar (or nine) short...

Warmest congratulations on the impending arrival of your son!  That must be so exiting for you and your family.

Your blog is one of the very best around, being at once unique, informative and well written.  It goes well beyond simply being a website about traditional Japanese shaving.  Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to post your observations and musings.

You have a great wealth of knowledge about Japanese shaving implements and practices.  It is something of which the world outside of Japan seems largely unaware.  Even in California, with its longstanding Japanese influence, such things are little known to the general populace.  I do hope you write a book someday on your findings and shaving experiences someday.  You have a beautiful writing style, and are immersed in both Japanese and Western cultures.  As such, you are a living bridge across oceans.  A traditional Japanese wetshaving reference might well be unique, at least in the West, and perhaps also in Japan.  At the very least, it would inform many and introduce some to a lifetime of shaving pleasure.  Your blog is excellent, but all websites are ephemeral in nature.  A book is much less so, and would be here twenty, fifty or more years from now.

May you have an enjoyable Fall, a warm and cozy Winter and many lively Springs and Summers to come.

Such kindness


I'm honestly not sure I know how to respond to such effusive praise. I have long been one to value writing for itself, and am indeed compelled to write even when no one will read my words, but the gratification I get from knowing people read and enjoy is truly deep. Anything beyond that, any kind of praise or (dear me!) encouragement makes me nervous. Thank you, but you are truly too kind.

I've toyed with the idea of putting together a book, but the thought of the task gives me more than a little pause. I am, dare I say, cursed with a wandering mind and it has caused me to discard more than a few large projects in my day. But then again, age is putting a bit of inertia on my attention these days so maybe I could see it through...

Anyway, if such a thing were to appear, here is where notice would be.

Thank you again, for your truly kind words and thoughts. I return them to you, doubly, and hope for the very best in this dying year and the next to come.



The incoming sprout of Rion.

I wish you and your growing family every good thing. May the little fellow be born into a world of limitless possibilities and freedom.



My deepest gratitude


Thank you for the very kind wishes. I will do everything I can for my son to make sure that is exactly the world he will find.

And I wish you all the great things in your endeavors. I have been remiss in telling you, but I have been following the adventures of Manleigh Cheese with a smile. Good work, and keep at it!



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